The Company

Nimba Development Company (“NDC”) is a modern mining company focused on developing a globally significant Iron Ore Project in the Nimba region, south-east Guinea, through its subsidiary, Société de Développement Nimba (“SDN”), formerly Zali Mining S.A. The project is at an advanced exploration stage and has the potential to deliver 10 Mtpa into the seaborne iron ore market. NDC is currently advancing engineering studies around the resource, mine and transport infrastructure.

The development will deliver enhanced economic prospects, not only for the local communities, but also the wider region. The Nimba Iron Ore Project aims to become a model for cross-border, regional trade and prosperity on the African continent.

NDC is a UK registered company with an international, mining resources management team and Guinean and international shareholders.

SDN is 85% owned by NDC and 15% owned by the Government of Guinea, demonstrating the Government’s support for the project. SDN is a Guinean registered company and has the rights to develop the iron ore assets adjacent to, but not intruding into, the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve.