Nimba Development Company is a modern mining company focused on iron ore production in West Africa
The Nimba Project is set to establish Guinea as a major global iron ore producer
Nimba supports local communities and economic development while minimising environmental impact

Nimba Development Company is a modern mining company focused on developing a globally significant 10 Mtpa iron ore project in south-east Guinea.

NDC is committed to developing the infrastructure around its mine, held through its subsidiary Société de Développement Nimba (“SDN”), formerly Zali Mining S.A., in the Nimba mountains region and enhancing the economic prospects of the local population in south-east Guinea.

The Company is set to become a first producer of iron ore in the region and, through its cooperation with the Governments of Guinea and Liberia, will access the railway corridor to the port of Buchanan in Liberia, from where the ore will be exported globally.


We are proud to be working with our partners and contributing to the economic and broader development of south-east Guinea. For our neighbouring communities, we will create employment opportunities for local talent, promote local suppliers and be responsible environmental custodians.

A Unesco World Heritage site

We conduct all our activities with integrity, transparency and sensitivity for the environment and we actively seek to work with expert environmental partners, including UNESCO.


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